Exclusive Handcrafted Kitchens & Cabinets

Creating the perfect kitchen or bedroom is a very personal choice, and by commissioning us we will work closely with you, devoting a great deal of time to determine how you want to use your room.  By listening to your needs and ideas, and combining this with our own expertise, we’ll help you design beautiful, workable and timeless furniture - tailored to fit your way of life and the character of your home.  

Perhaps the biggest advantage of bespoke cabinets is that you get what you want - not just what is on offer in a particular range.  We have no standard ranges - every item of furniture is individually designed and built exclusively by hand.  From the number of shelves per cabinet, to the exact depth of a drawer to accommodate specific items; from the number of panes of glass in a door down to that awkward shaped corner of the room that no mass-produced cupboard will ever fit into!  

With a sophisticated computer design programme we can help you plan a beautiful and functional layout for your room.  The system enables you to experiment with our combined ideas, quickly and accurately creating different designs.  Near-photo quality colour illustrations and line drawings are presented to you, and until a plan has been decided on you can change elements of the design at any time.

In addition to offering a complete service from design and manufacture  to finish and fitting, we can project manage installations by sourcing appliances and contractors for associated works including preparatory work, plumbing, electrical work and decorating, utilising contractors who are accomplished and trusted in their particular fields.

By visiting specialist timber merchants Glyn personally chooses most of the timber he uses, taking into account all the different characteristics of particular species by hand-picking the best pieces to suit individual projects.